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Nosaj Thing – Drift

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It’s not the Nosaj Thing remix for Flying Lotus that first connected the two artists. Both hailing from Los Angeles, they are associated with the Low End Theory club or the Brainfeeder podcasts. With Nosaj Thing’s debut album Drift being available for a few weeks, one can hardly deny their similiarities in style.

Released on Alpha Pup, Nosaj Thing joins the ranks of Daedelus, Ras G and Samiyam. Head-nodding beats and spaced out synthesizers make the foundation of each track, but it’s the wacked out samples that add the special ingredients. Tracks like “Fog” or “Us” bring Boards of Canada to mind, while the first part of “Light” could as well be taken from Aphex Twin’s Analord series. If you’re missing a comparison to the previously mentioned Flying Lotus, have a listen to “1685/Bach” because that’s as close as it gets.

I’m a bit unsure if I have seen the cover-version of Portishead’s Wandering Star in previous track-listings. It certainly didn’t make it on the album, but I think that wasn’t the worst decision and it could still make it as a b-side.

01. Quest
02. Fog
03. Coat of Arms
04. IOIO
05. 1685/Bach
06. Caves
07. Light #1
08. Light #2
09. 2222
10. Us
11. Voices
12. Lords

Drift is an album you shouldn’t sleep on, if you’re a faithful reader of this blog. It’s available on both CD and LP, the digitial release should be available from the majority of online stores.

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  1. avatar bronco says:

    I’ve heard lots of good things lately, but ‘Drift’ has quickly become my favorite!Really enjoying it :)

  2. avatar fred says:

    i was blown away by the first listen of this, but i’ve found that it has no real lasting value, unlike “when planets explode” or “foma” or “los angeles”.

    this release is just too monochromatic. i haven’t lost faith that nosaj can put together a tune, but this just became bland background music within a few listens.

  3. avatar anaanas says:

    i love the cover artwork. do you know who made it?

  4. avatar beefy t-s says:

    looks like tofer.

  5. avatar roland says:

    check out:

    coat of arms – nosaj thing - the video

    on youtube:
    or vimeo: