Dis|cover 2013… with Sven Swift

Like (almost) every year, we waited for the best-of frenzy to cool off, so we could put the spotlight on one of our favourite features. This year, it’s Error Broadcast co-founder Sven Swift sharing his favourite cover artworks with us.

BRC.02 – Two Hungry Ghosts

Part two in this series comes from anonymous UK duo Two Hungry Ghosts, who contributed to BlogRollCall an exclusive mixtape and answered a couple of questions.

BRC.01 – Colectivo Futuro

We’re launching our new series BlogRollCall, in which we present blogs we like, with our good friends of Colectivo Futuro. Interview and mix inside!

Dis|cover 2012… with Tetsuo

Following Optigram‘s wonderful selection for the best record covers of 2012, I’d like to present some of my own favourites to you today.

Dis|cover 2012… with Optigram

Like in previous years, we are going to present you some of the best record sleeves from last year. This first part was put together by Manuel Sepulveda, better known for his work as Optigram.

Los Angeles: The Artwork

Even four years after the release of Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles I kept wondering what I see on that unfathomable cover artwork. About time to do a little research.

Dis|cover 2011… with GiveUpArt

For the second part of this series, I asked one of my favourite designers, Stuart Hammersley of GiveUpArt, for his favourite record covers in 2011.

Dis|cover 2011… with Colectivo Futuro

I have asked my fellow bloggers of Colectivo Futuro for their favourite record covers of 2011, here’s a look at their top 10.

Interview with Tascforce

We wanted to find out more about the man who recorded this brilliant Dorian Concept cover-version, so we sat down with Sam Irl to talk about his Tascforce project.

Interview with Beeple

When Beeple isn’t working on videos for Flying Lotus or Erykah Badu, he’s sharing his amazing video loops with the rest of world.

Interview with Tropics

Brighton based Chris Ward will release his debut album under the name Tropics on Planet Mu later this year. As we love his music, we did this little interview for our 1000th post!

Interview with Kelpe

Only recently, we got the chance to speak with DC Recordings artist Kelpe about how he became a musician, his production methods and we take a look-out at future releases.

Interview with Klic

I was speaking to the young producer on Brighton’s newly founded Hit and Hope label about his influences, his ways of working and forthcoming releases.


Fans of Sonar Kollektiv are probably familiar with the work of this Berlin based trio, as they are responsible for many of the label’s artworks. Here’s a little showcase of Jutojo‘s work, accompanied by an interview.

Interview with Dza

In this interview, Moscow’s Dza talks about growing up in Russia, his musical influences and forthcoming releases.

Some Record Covers… part 2

For the second part of favourite record covers, I asked Dynooo and Nitzan for their choices.

Some Record Covers… part 1

Here you can see some of my favourite record covers from this year, including designs from GiveUpArt, The Designers Republic and Optigram.

Mat Design

If you have been buying records in the golden era of broken beat, chances are you came across the work of Bologna’s Mat Design. Here is a showcase enclosed by an interview with the man.

Interview with Ka§par

Following the all new podcast, Lisbon-based Ka§par and I had a chat about his musical roots, influences and his own production. You also get to listen to some of his tracks and some more of his regular mixtapes.

RE:09 Black Dynamite

While 2009 was a flourishing year for new and exciting music, it didn’t look so good for movies. For music fans though, there were a few cinematic highlights I want to mention.

The Domu Good-bye

Today, I’m sharing my little Domu story with you, which I intended to write ever since he decided to call it a day. It’s the first part of my RE:09 series, in which I a look back at 2009.

Beats & Faces

It was through Dorian Concept’s MySpace page, that I first stumbled, completely unaware, across Alice Dufay‘s work. Soon after we got together for a little interview.

Interview with Swede:art

Following yesterday’s podcast, I was having a chat with Swede:art to give him a proper introduction to those that don’t know him.

Jazz & Skateboards

You might remember these beautiful Miles Davis Skateboards, today I present to you an interview with the artist Ian Johnson and a selection of his work.

In Conversation with Amalia

Earlier this year, I was speaking with singer Amalia Townsend about her new home, future releases and live-shows. What took me so long to write it down?

A Shirt and its Designer

Unless you follow me on Twitter, you most likely don’t know about the t-shirts yet! The idea was simply to offer some shirts for fans of this blog. Brazilian designer Rubens was so kind to do a design for the shirt, so I wanted to feature his work on this site.

Machine, the Design of Kindred Spirits

Dutch label Kindred Spirits has been among my favourite labels ever since the first Rednose Disktrikt longplayer came out. It’s not only their versatile catalogue making them special, but also the beautiful artwork that comes with each and every of …