Roll The Dice - Calling All Workers

To me as a music-lover, there's hardly any greater joy than stumbling across a record I haven't heard of before, a record that instantly captivates and puts you under its spell. Yes, it's the ultimate confirmation, that it's always worth it to keep your eyes and ears peeled, your mind open. Don't ever stop looking!

I probably wouldn't have heard about Roll The Dice, if I hadn't discovered them through biblo's wonderful guestmix. And while I still haven't checked out any their other music (yet), I had to share this video as it fits my more recent listening habits shaped by I Am The Center or SMM: Opiate. The video was directed by Frode Fjerdingstad and it's full of beautiful imagery (though the editing could be better, IMHO), and the music is taken from the band's second album In Dust, released in 2011 on Leaf.

Published on December 22, 2013

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