Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble - Drips/Take Notice

Not so long ago, I posted a video of the rehearsals for the concert you can watch below. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson invited some friends to join him play a concert at Grand Performances in Los Angeles.

Among the musicians are the likes of Flying Lotus and Thundercat, the full line-up can be found here. You can download this and another track featuring Bilal for free.

The quality of the recording leaves some hope that Mochilla might release a DVD of the full concert at some point. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

September 4, 2010 Greg Ponstingl notified me that Mochilla did not produce the video, but he did. So that's it for the DVD I guess. Well, if Greg has further plans, I will let you know!

Published on September 02, 2010

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