How To Apply For The Red Bull Music Academy

The Red Bull Music Academy is easily the best thing that could happen to all up and coming musicians. While I had the pleasure to join it as a visitor last year, I was kinda sad for not being a musician myself. Imagine meeting likeminded people from all over the world, being locked in a building with all the music equipment you dream of, and getting lectures from some of the most acclaimed musicians in the world.

Well, the time has come to apply for the next edition of RBMA, which is going to take place in Tokyo this year. The video above is meant to give you some advice on the application process, but it also gives some impressions of what you can expect there.

So good luck to all of you who are applying. I'd love to visit again, but I don't think it will happen. Here comes my sadness again!

Published on February 02, 2011

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