High Tech Soul

High Tech Soul is a documentary about the beginnings of techno music and it's epicentre - Detroit. It came out back in 2006 and focuses on the keyfigures of the first wave: Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Furthermore, artists like Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Eddie Fowlkes and Stacey Pullen are reconstructing the history in interviews and try to give an explanation for the phenomenon of techno.

While I wasn't too impressed by the movie itself, I still want to recommend it to you music interested people. It gives a nice overview of the history of the city and how it led to the birth of an international movement. On the downside, the movie only scratches on the surfaces and will leave a lot of open questions.

However, the movie can now be watched in full-lenght on Vimeo, which is why I posted this in the first place.

Published on December 21, 2008

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