Dodge City Productions

Long before Zen Badizm, even long before Coop and New Sector Movements, IG Culture was a part of Dodge City Productions. Formed in 1990 with his partner Dodge, the group was part of London's rich acid jazz scene, and put out several jazzy hip-hop 12-inches and eventually the album Steppin' Up & Out.

In fact Dodge City had strong ties to the UK hip-hop scene, the album featured guests from Bello B of Outlaw Posse and MCM of Caveman, but also from singer Ghida De Palma, Sinden Flowers and Wari Culture.

The video above has snippets from a concert at London's Astoria in 1993 and is spiced up by pieces from an interview (and here's another interview).

Published on October 07, 2008

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