Shuanise - Baggage for Sale

Cologne's UpMyAlley are about to release a new 12-inch from emerging artist Shuanise, who you might remember from her cover-version of Coltrane's Naima. A first taster has been posted on the label's SoundCloud page, leaving me most excited to hear more from her!

Watch out for Shuanise's Voice Of Reason EP in a shop near you, the release-date is October 2, 2009.

In this interview, the London-based singer also mentions an upcoming release on Eglo Records to look out for. The above-mentioned Masudasante Naima can be downloaded for free.

Sept 27, 2009 Just found out, there is also this music-video available

Sept 29, 2009 A second track from the EP called Alailoye is now available for listening!

Oct 21, 2009 The Voices of Reason EP is now in stores

Published on September 24, 2009

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