Rezzett – Zootie

The Trilogy Tapes is an amazing label, a label that truly amazes in many ways. Considering that the label run by Will Bankhead has been operating for six years already, it clearly took me a while to hear about them, but thanks to to Hessle Audio guys' radio show that has changed sometime last year. When I look at the label's discography it's one half artists I've come to love for some years now: Kassem Mosse, Theo Parrish, Dean Blunt, MGUN, Dro Carey, A Made Up Sound, and so forth. The other half is probably even more interesting, since whenever for everything I listened to so far has been something worth checking out. So, the latest addition to that latter half would be the artist called Rezzett, who seems to by readying his second release on TTT. And since there's no further info on that, I leave you with Mr Beatnick's comment that made me click on the link to the track in the first place: “Sound of a neon skatepark in space, rezzett waxing the fluorescent rails.”

Published on April 29, 2014

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