Joker - Digidesign (Om Unit Remix)

Following the massive Digidesign Remix, which is finally available on 12-inch, here is a brand new track from Om Unit. No release-date, but pounding beats you gotta fall in love with.

Apparently, the first revision of this post was about a track called “The Cold Blooms”. Shortly after posting the article, Jim decided to take down the track as it was a work in progress. As the 12-inch of his remix for Joker is still fresh, I'm going to post that track instead.

More new music from Om Unit is available on the upcoming Fabric compilation Elevator Music (check the preview), a new 7-inch on All City Records should be out soon!

Jan 06, 2010 The digital download of this remix is now available exclusively from Bleep

Published on December 28, 2009

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