Ian O'Brien - That Was Now (Unreleased Mix)

Only a couple of days ago, I listened to Promenade Eleven by Kirk Degiorgio & Ian O'Brien, a 2011 release that I didn't know before. As you might have guessed, my interest in Ian O'Brien was relighted by that techno article which recommended Ian's excellent Desert Scores. Ian O'Brien, where have you been all these years? Well, among other things he's been dusting off some old DATs and one of them had an this mix of That Was Now.

“Listening to it now, I like it better than the original released version and can't understand why we never used this mix in the first place.”

For now, you can download this version for free, but we're not finished yet. Ian has announced a compilation of further unreleased mixes for this coming summer. On top of that, there will also be an album of new music - his first since 2001's A History of Things to Come. Oh Ian, where have you been…?

Published on March 19, 2013

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