Domu - Something Old (Daedelus' Pacifically Juked)

2003's Impending Doom saw a rather unlikely collaboration with broken beat veteran Dominic Stanton, and I say “unlikely” for I believe not many fans of Daedelus were familiar with the names of Domu or Umod. I guess requesting two remixes from an artist already shows a lot of appreciation, but today -nine years later- Daedelus pays back with a remix of one Something Old.

There's a lot of regret in the liner notes for the track, I guess it really meant a lot to the Los Angeles-based Alfred Darlington to return the favour. And who knows, maybe this (once again) raises the awareness for a very underrated artist of the last decade.

Well, I like the outcome and I think it works really well. If you think so too, you can download the tune here or there.

Published on March 09, 2012

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