Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again

On April 4th, many music blogs to remind the world of the great Arthur Russell, who sadly passed away on that day 20 years ago. Must've missed that, but then I don't like to remember brilliant musicians by their deaths. So I'm taking the occasion of his 61st birthday to present you a song I've only discovered recently.

If I'm not mistaken, Kiss Me Again was Arthur's first release ever. In fact, it was a collaboration with legendary Studio 54 disc jockey Nicky Siano. I ran across the record after seeing the first pressing on the Rush Hour newsletter - for 35 euros!

Fortunately, represses are available for more reasonable prices and I'm happy to have bought a copy. As you can hear there are two versions of the song, a disco version and another one with a more folky feeling. Each running for 13 minutes!

And that's my random story about Arthur Russell. For more, check out the documentarythe book and, of course, his great musical output!

Published on May 21, 2012

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