Bugz in the Attic - Don't Stop The Music (Morgan Spacek Remix)

It's already been eight years since West London outfit released their album Back In The Doghouse, soon followed by the end of the collective's doings, the Co-Op parties and broken beat as a whole, if you like. One of the singles from the album is the cover-version of Yarbrough & Peoples‘ 1980 gold record Don't Stop The Music, which was accompanied by remixes from New Sector Movements, Switch and others.

Not documented is when and where this remix by Spacek's Morgan Zarate popped up. I do recall a remix contest for the Bugz' other single “Move Aside”, but not for this one. I assume to got hold of it through the old BITA forum or the now-defunct Coopr8 social network (you are invited to shed some light into this!)

While doing research on Discogs and Google, I also came across a Steve Spacek version of the track, featuring a different beat and Steve's own vocals. You can hear it on one of Simon Harrison's old podcasts.

Published on August 10, 2014

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