4hero - Hold It Down (Swell Session Remix)


Once hailed as Gothenburg's wunderkind for his seminal releases as Swell Session, the more recent music I heard from Andreas Saag had a strong smell of bandwagon jumping. Maybe it's just me, but putting a pumping house beat over Hyph Mngo or tracks by Burial seems a little cheap.

Anyway, I spent last night listening to music from my old hard drives, mostly tracks I downloaded some 10 years ago. Among them was this unofficial Swell Session remix of 4hero‘s Hold It Down (probably best know from the Bugz In The Attic remix.) If my memory serves me well, I ran across it myself via the old UpMyAlley blog and ever since I was suprised not many people seem to know about it. So here it is, hoping to reach some who don't know this yet.

Published on June 28, 2014

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