Silkie - City Limits Volume 1

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Silkie's debut album on Mala's Deep Medi label came out at the end of July, which is probably the reason why it didn't get much attention outside the dubstep scene. Summertime means holiday time, so a lot of people were simply out of reach when this one dropped. Which is quite tragic, because for me it's clear it's a serious contender for album of the year!

City Limits Volume 1 is the most organic sounding dubstep production I have heard, it's quite the opposite of the widespread in-your-face mentality of many dubstep producers. In a way it keeps reminding me of Adam F's Colours album. Not because it sounds similar, but for its overall different approach and its analogue sound.

Over 13 tracks Silkie delivers an array of warm basslines, piano and synths, always hitting a similiar tone without ever boring you. In fact it's one of those albums that deserves the name, as its general mood will make you forget about time as you listen to it continously.01. Concrete Jungle
02. Turvy
03. Spark
04. Sty
05. Quasar
06. Purple Love
07. Planet X
08. Cats Eyes
09. Head Butt Da Deck
10. Techno 22
11. Mattaz
12. The Horizon
13. Beauty
On the downside, City Limits is only available on CD at the moment. The previous vinyl pressing was withdrawn from sale by the label for having inferior sound quality. A repress is supposed to be announced, but considering how much time has passed since its digital brother came out, I'm getting a bit pessimistic.

However, be advised that copies floating around at the moment are not good to buy. Once I hear news, I will post it on this page.

Nov 8, 2009 I have just noticed that Juno and Boomkat will ship the proper gatefold 3xLP starting tomorrow

Published on October 08, 2009