Samoyed - Sloe Eyes

Ameliorating away from his earlier releases Spit, Her Honey dripping behind and Malamute, Samoyed has proven his worth amongst his contemporaries with this two-track EP, giving a feel for his ever-growing ability within dance music.

The A side Sloe Eyes kicks things off with an energetic and ambitious four and half minutes, including some downright raucous stabs slicing and dividing up each second leaving nothing by head-nodding in their wake. Nestled in amongst rippling pads and detailed syncopation is the backbone vocal sample, perfecting and consolidating the tracks affections with a distant house past. Sloe eyes shrugs off some of the softer, stoical elements of Samoyed’s earlier work culminating in an ever increasingly lovable 4/4 big hitter.

On the flip side, Guts is a far more of a conservative and dreamy piece, starting out as a warbling see-saw sample creating a smooth foundation for the track to augment itself into a wilderness of complexities. The regimented 808 claps keep Guts in check, not letting the dogged sub bass get too out of control and keeping within the hazy confines as set out by the synth and sample back drops.

With this, Samoyed has dutifully found his place amongst the arsenal of producers already featured on the VASE label helmed by Jacques Greene. I strongly recommend following this guy as he paves the path of an evidently illustrious future.

Sloe Eyes and its partner in crime can be purchased here with the vinyl coming on the February 22nd.

Words by Untrst

Published on February 20, 2013

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