Pollyn - Still Love

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Pollyn is the Los Angeles based trio of Genevieve Artadi, Anthony Cava and beatmaker Adam Jay Weissman. Their debut album This Little Night is hard to find outside the United States, though their mixture of hip-hop and indie styles (somewhere between Goldfrapp and Nite Jewel) should easily attract a wider audience.

Still Love is the second single off the album, sounding like a modern Kate Bush wrapped in atmospheric soundscapes and a hip-hop beat. Besides the original version and an instrumental, it comes with three remixes with two of them blowing my mind.01. Still Love (Original Version)
02. Still Love (Sid Roams Remix)
03. Still Love (Débruit Remix)
04. Still Love (Blue Daisy Remix)
05. Still Love (Instrumental)
First up is Paris beatmaker Débruit, who tears up the track to fill it with his monster synth-lines and straight forward beats. The remix from London's Blue Daisy maintains the atmosphere of the original, but adds much more depth to it. You could easily mistake this for a creation of the Flying Lotus.

I found it very difficult to pick a favourite out of these. In the end I chose the Débruit remix, hoping this would give Pollyn the most attention. Here's the video for the original version of the song:

Unfortunately, it doesn't say when and where this is gonna drop. Have them in mind the next time you visit a record-shop, I will add the date as soon as I know!

Dec 7, 2009 In the meantime, I got a response regarding the release-date. The single is supposed to be available as free download as of now. So why not grab my two favourite mixes from above?

Published on December 06, 2009

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