My Dry Wet Mess - Stereo Typing

My Dry Wet Mess – Stereo Typing

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Giovanni Civitenga, here using his My Dry Wet Mess alias, splits his time between music production and audiovisual art. In 2009, having relocated to Barcelona from his native Italy, he wrote a software programme for a sound-reactive video performance that caught the attention of Alfred ‘Daedelus‘ Darlington, and led to their collaborative experiments. Daedelus then signed Irrational Alphabet, Civitenga's debut LP, to his Magical Properties imprint. Fans of this well received collection were soon disappointed at Civitenga's subsequent departure from public sight. Spare a handful of bootleg remixes, there didn't appear to be a follow up planned to this opening sonic statement.

And then, as unexpected as the sonic twists and turns contained within, Stereo Typing bolts from the esteemed Brainfeeder stable, an hour long collection of unsettling rhythms bound by Civitenga's morphing, filtered synths. ‘Clappin' Ears' is the most accessible cut in the set, its gently bumping drum track and R&B vocals given the ubiquitous pitch-shift treatment combine for an almost dance floor friendly outcome.

Although punctuated with several similarly club focussed compositions, it's the more adventurous tracks that slither between that give Stereo Typing its enveloping attraction. ‘Glue And The Love In It' creeps along with repetitive, swelling synths and a slo-mo drum track that appears then fades away, until, just short of the track's ending, the twilight vocals that make this album highlight so memorable descend.01. Berlin Stereo
02. Austere Coincidences
03. When We Were Wrong
04. Words I Didn't
05. Lick
06. Mombasa Tutu
07. Clappin' Ears
08. A Wrong Number
09. My Warped Tits
10. Bullshit Indeed
11. Glue and the Love in It
12. Nowhere Now
13. Prismas (feat. Eva Puyuelo)
14. Youth Reboot

Stereo Typing is available for purchase at Boomkat, Juno, Bleep, or iTunes.

Published on December 01, 2012

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