Mr Beatnick - Savannah EP

Did we mention Mr Beatnick‘s latest release on Don't Be Afraid yet? It's been ten months since we recommended his last one and the new one has just arrived in stores. In short, Savannah is nothing but another recommendation. At this point you'd often read about Mr Beatnick being the producer raised on hip-hop living out his love for house music on this trilogy of 12-inches, but while all of this is true, the description might transport a bit of a limited view of the London-based producer. I've come to know Nick as a walking knowledge base of good music from all kinds and ages, and I'm deeply impressed on how he keeps up with all of it. If you heard his show on NTS Live, you might have caught a glimpse of that. Yes, Savannah fits perfectly in the line of its predecessors, but while sharing certain sound qualities, it's also the most versatile of the three. The title track has most in common with the previous ones, analogue warmth with a determined dancefloor drive reminiscent of classic Metro Area material. On Symbiosis he flexes his muscles and delivers a classic NYC house track, just to surprise you with the UK hardcore inspired Parallax Scroll. He ends the journey with Blue Dream, a track that reminds of early I:Cube, John Tejada and Ian O'Brien.

On my first listen, I was maybe a bit too quick on picking a favourite, with every other listen it left me more undecided and I think it speaks for the EP. You can pick it up in all good music stores, or buy it online at Boomkat, Rush Hour or Juno.

Published on April 22, 2013

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