Lukid - Foma

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Just when I reported about Luke Blair's mixtape, I found out that he got his new album out on Werk Discs. The follow-up to 2007's Onandon is Foma, and it proves Lukid is the first artist of the year you can't afford to sleep on.

If trip-hop had further evolved since the nineties, or if it still had some relevance in contemporary underground music, this is what it would sound like! It all comes from a kid heavily influenced by Autechre and Boards of Canada, but who produces tracks with the freshness of Flying Lotus or Rustie, Appleblim or Dabrye, Theo Parrish and the late J Dilla.

Foma is a deep dark journey through dubstep, hip hop and IDM, with a consistent mood lurking beneath all tracks. Beautifully wrapped into a design by Davin and Paul Camo, a first masterpiece in 2009!01. Ice Nine
02. Raise High The Roof Beam
03. Veto
04. Slow Hand Slap
05. Saddlebags
06. Chord
07. Foma
08. Fall Apart
09. Laughin'
10. Ski Fly
11. Time Doing So Mean
The album is currently available on CD and as digital download, you can buy a copy at Juno (currently the download only!), Boomkat, iTunes or even Amazon.

While writing this article, I stumbled upon this video on the TrebleO website and this worthwile review on Resident Advisor.

Published on January 11, 2009

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