Lokiboi - Late Reaction EP

The month of May sees the return of Moscow born now London beat affiliate Lokiboi. With only a small arsenal of previous releases under his belt (quality may I add), he steps up off the subs bench and treats us all to his newest exciting choice cut – Late Reaction E.P. An inherent balance of old and new, managing to make the newest and freshest rhythms sound as if they were made in times gone by; (personal) parallels being easily drawn to the likes of El-B and 2562 purge the idea Lokiboi has his allegiance deep in both the garage and house camps respectively.

Being handed the baton as title track ‘Late reaction’ does not hang around in kicking off the show. Tribal hits accompany the tough guy- kick-snare-house-rhythm, they let off steam and explore as the piece progresses. This superb backdrop gives the warbling bass, pitched vocals and non-committal synths a chance to twist and churn their way to the four and a half minute finish line. Another notable favorite is the faultless ‘Love saves the day’ Lokiboi invites the ever popular Citizen in to deliver his own unique musical algorithms, giving this track the extra nudge it needs to become surely a loveable club favorite. Cute synths stabs ground the piece and create a plateau for this duo to run wild with. A lengthy head-bopper this puppy may be, but also the flagship of the house-side of this two tone E.P.

‘Help yourself’and ‘Keep on loving me dry’ wear the home colours on the garage side. Arguably not a strong as the house cuts but still an exhibition of Lokiboi’s talent in the production seat. Both peppered with Burial style vocal moans and spaced out skippy beats, it’s great to see him experimenting with some more minimal, sparse rhythms. As the curtain falls, ‘Keep on loving me dry’ blissfully swoops its last soft set of chords bringing an EP quite full of extremes to an unexpected yet fitting end.

Organised basslines, structured beats and well thought out vocal placement make this EP and solid bit of work for both business and pleasure. Available now from Somethinksounds Late Reaction is another sign of Lokiboi gradually wedging his foot in the future-music door.

Buy directly from Somethinksounds, Bleep or iTunes.

Words by Untrst

Published on May 31, 2013

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