Ital Tek - Midnight Colour

Ital Tek - Midnight Colour

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Just when I started to grow a little tired of “bass music”, Brighton's Ital Tek came to deliver his second album on Planet Mu. After only a few tracks, my tiredness was gone and replaced with sheer excitement.

Don't let that booming sound at the very beginning irritate you, this is not another dubstep album, it's a rich piece of work of many different facets, brought to life by its beautiful melodies.01. Neon Arc
02. Talis
03. Moonbow
04. Babel
05. Satellite
06. Subgiant
07. Black And White
08. Strangelove V.I.P.
09. Moment In Blue
10. Heliopause
11. Midnight Colour
12. Infinite
13. Restless Tundra (feat. Anneka)

The first track is the only track I disapprove of, maybe just an unlucky choice for an opener, as it's quite bold compared to the subtle array of tracks that follow. From there on, Midnight Colour constantly builds up, every new track seems to outclass its predecessor. Moonbow and Babel pick up the same bleepy sounds I loved on the Massive Error EP already, but these were made for the head - not the dancefloor. Next up is Satellite, a beatless ambient piece carrying the same melancholic vibe as IDM masters Boards of Canada on their Geogaddi album.

More on the techy side of dubstep are the tracks Subgiant and Strangelove V.I.P., they might as well have been taken from a random Apple Pips record. Whenever I listen to Moment In Blue, I can't help but think of a futuristic Asian scenario, it's probably my favourite track on the album. Alongside Black And White, it's one of the tracks that I love for the same reasons as the music of Nosaj Thing and some of his LA contemporaries.

It might take a couple of listens to notice this, but once you've reached the only vocal track, Restless Tundra, it feels like you've reached the top of the mountain, the climax of the album. (Would be nice to have one final track for the way back down.)

Definitely among my favourite albums this year and I already feel it has much overlooked!

Midnight Colour has already been in stores for three weeks, you can get the 2-LP, CD from Juno or directly from the label, Planet Mu. Also available is a 12-inch with remixes from FaltyDL and Ikonika.

Published on June 21, 2010

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