Four Tet - There Is Love In You

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There hasn't been an album review in a while and Kieran Hebdan's new Four Tet LP makes a brilliant first candidate in 2010.

Well, I may not have been the #1 Four Tet fan in the past, but I didn't ignore his music either. His latest, called “There Is Love In You”, made quite an impression on me and I take it that testing out his tracks at London's Plastic People club had quite an impact on Kieran - it's made for the dancefloor. With the Ringer album being the first taking a different approach, away from hip-hop beats towards house and minimal, his latest work fuses the straight beats with some former Four Tet signatures: the great sense for samples, the live drums and the overall analogue feeling.01. Angel Echoes
02. Love Cry
03. Circling
04. Pablo's Heart
05. Sing
06. This Unfolds
07. Reversing
08. Plastic People
09. She Just Likes to Fight

The album opens with “Angel Echoes”, a track hinting some resemblance to Matthew Herbert's Bodily Functions era, though the use of vocals is rather minimal. It builds up a nice basis for the next track, the brilliant first single “Love Cry”. If you have slept on this banger before, imagine the rolling drums in Bugz in the Attic's “Sound Like” (or The Nervous Track!) with vocals from a Joy Orbison track on top. Incidently, Joy Orbison has remixed this track before. Similar tracks are my two favourites “Sing”, which supposedly just got remixed from Floating Points, and “Plastic People,” a tribute to the club in London.

There is also a different, much calmer side to the album. “This Unfolds” or “Circling” pick up the mood of a Neu! or Harmonia album, while “Reversing” sounds like a tune dreamed up by Brian Eno. Lastly, there is a hidden track with somewhat folky vocals - it feels a bit out of place and is the only track I dislike on the otherwise brilliant album.

You can already buy “There Is Love In You” on CD, digital and 2-LP (+free download code). According to the Bleep website, the vinyl release is limited to only 500 pieces. However, it's not clear if only Bleep has limited quantities or if there are really that few copies available.

Published on February 01, 2010

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