Computer Paul EP

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Forgive my ignorance, but I'm gonna pretend there was only one track on this new EP from Computer Paul. It's not that the other tracks are any bad, but they are covered deeply by the shadows of this huge track called Does It? For the 30th release in the Bagpak Solo Series, Computer Paul teamed up with veteran soul singer Michelle Amador, who was recently featured on the album from Bagpak's Yellowtail.

The first tune coming to mind to which Does It? compares is 1Luv‘s Black Daylight, which was released through Suntzu Sound a couple of years back. Lush vocals and warm grooving keys are the main ingredients, rounded up by soft broken beats. Sounds like a simple formula - and it is, but that's all it took to make this wonderful tune.01. Buffalo Soldier
02. Does It? (Peter Munch remix)
03. Definite Indefinite (original mix)
04. Does It?
05. Does It? (Peter Munch re-edit)

There are two remixes of that track, both coming from New York's Peter Munch. The re-edit adds some extra percussion and a guitar to the original, while the house remix aims clearly at the dancefloor.

I think this will be a download-only release, that should come out on April 30th. You can pre-order it at Juno Digital or wait a couple of days and get it directly from Bagpak!

Published on April 22, 2009

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