C L N K - Anti EP

May sees the long awaited return of cryptic yet blissful producer C L N K. Following from the success of previous work ‘Black Ecstasy’, Romanian Silviu Badea, still staying true to label Error Broadcast steps back into musical black hole for a tour of darker side to his beats with this chilling EP.

Kicking off is the aptly named ‘Fuck Hype’, throwing itself into life with a disjointed bulshy synth line. Clarity is resumed once more following the introduction of the orchestral stabs and the high-hat driven beat as its partner. The piece ends with a set of meaningfully hits maybe acting as beacon of clarity in a chaotic world. I think there is a really important contrast between clarity and chaos throughout the whole EP, one moment you’re engulfed into an Orwellian nightmarish utopia, only to be landing on soft ground moments later with debris smashing around you.'Earn cash spend it all' – a relative anomaly of the EP by some standards still uses the spine twitching static but is also accompanied by Flubber style syncopation up until mid-way through when the highhats reinvent the track, welcoming eerie run down circus synths to ebb and flow behind. Sci-fi hip-hop number ‘We are the mutants’ was a personal favourite, offering the same decayed and blood-sucked unknown as it’s colleagues but with a tight mid-level synth growl and neat ride cymbal hits to keep everything in check.

With four out of the five tracks featuring on his ‘Dark corners of the earth’ mix last year they are now joined by newcomer ‘Optimal time’ which twists and turns through an ominous and unhospitable soundscape. Also layered in is a sporadic ray gun sample placed over a warbling and pulsating synth drone. These two couple up to drive the track and the EP to its eventual fate in the darkness of space crumbling and decaying as it goes.

Anti EP by C L N K is available from the 12th May, order your copy from Boomkat, Beatport, or directly from Error Broadcast. Full stream available on Spotify.

Words by Untrst

Published on May 14, 2014

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