Bagpak Selects Vol. II

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

New York's Bagpak Records has been on my radar for quite a while, being the home of names Yellowtail, Nubian Mindz or Arch_typ. They were so kind to send me a copy of their upcoming compilation Bagpak Selects Vol. II, which I believe is set for a release in late February.

Being familiar with the above mentioned artists I was expecting a dancefloor-oriented record, but to my suprise the CD starts with three straight jazz tracks. Turns out, this is a versatile collection of both new and up-and-coming artists from North America, ranging from hip-hop to soul, jazz to broken beat to house to afrobeat.01. Laura Kahle & The West End Composers Collective - Lighter Skies
02. Kendra Ross - I’m So Okay
03. Roxanne feat. UKey - Searching
04. The What!? - Definition Part II (Spinnerty Redefine)
05. Aklimatize feat. Amalia - Frequencies
06. Arch_typ feat. Joni Love - Family Function
07. Asiko - Jibiti
08. Moonstarr feat. Rosina Kazi - Tiger Funk
09. Computer Paul feat. Michelle Amador - Does It (Peter Munch Remix)
10. DJ C feat. MC Zulu - Body Work (Octa Push Remix)
11. IMC SOUL feat. Dawn Pemberton - Travelin
12. Ne'a Posey w/ LiL Dave - State of the World
13. Yellowtail - Into the Orion
My favourite tracks are the collaboration with Amalia Townsend, longtime partner of Opolopo, and the Ne'a Posey. Not only vocally the standout tracks here, but together with the Yellowtail tune, this is the sound I was hoping for. I must admit that I prefer the first installment of the series, but there is a lot to discover if these names are new to you.

As mentioned before, I'm not sure about the definitive release-date. I recommend signing up to the Bagpak Newsletter, as I know they have some more goodies (Yellowtail album!) in the pipeline.

Feb 7, 2009 Now available from Juno and iTunes, or directly from Bagpak!

Published on January 31, 2009

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