2000Black - A Next Set A Rockers

Another album currently available in Japan only, is the long-awaited debut from 2000Black on Third Ear. Well not quite a debut, if you leave aside the DKD or Silhouette Brown albums. Seems like Dennis McFarlane (4hero) and Kaidi Tatham (Bugz in the Attic) had the time to finish their baby, and got over their rumoured disagreements on English football (a pair of jokers!).

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

So, the album is what everybody was hoping for, or at least what everybody could expect. Dego and Kaidi continue where they left with Breaker's Yard (Future Rage) and continued with their two EPs (2020Black and 2021Black), to early tracks from album appearing on The Good Good Volume 3. If there's anything to be disappointed about, it's that you might know one or the other track from the album already. But there's no need to worry, with thirteen tracks on the Japanese release (bonus track rumored for the worldwide release) and slightly different versions, there's enough to discover!

What's It To Be

On the vocals you get the usual suspects of Face, Rasiyah, Lady Alma and Vanessa Freeman, but also newcomers Ferraz and Baby (both were new to me). Somewhat outstanding are the tracks Febulous, as it's the only instrumental, and Hey There featuring the only male guest vocalist Ty. The latter track also includes the hidden track Ain't Nothing You Can Feel. Having been on MySpace some years ago, the vocal version of Got Me Puzzled is finally available - and it's still my favourite track on the album.

Got Me Puzzled
Hey There

So how do you get the album? Currently you can import the CD from Japan or find it on Juno. However, please mind what Dego has to say:

people people people….

please be patient!!!

the album ‘a next set a rockers' will drop at the end of july and no later than early august. support us by buying the euro release or downloading it online from itunes etc at the same time. yeah japan has a head start but that is how the business goes until we can gather more support in europe and the u.s

by buying our release you will help 2000black make more new alternative music.

Fairly enough, you can legally download the track So Right in the meantime!

Published on July 02, 2008

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