Volume 13 - mixed by The Reboot Joy Confession

It feels weird when you talk to a someone who wouldn't reveal much about himself, but then I understand an artist's motive to speak only through the music, as it lets one listen without prejudice. Our latest podcast comes from such an individual: The Reboot Joy Confession. Following several releases on Soulphiction's Philpot Records, he recently released his debut album Absolute III Way Harmonious Enterprise on the same label. The album is one of the few these days that's not afraid to cross boundaries, and I recommend to anyone who's not afraid to discover something new or different.

As for the mix, it's not as exclusive as we usually keep it. It's been aired on radio a couple of weeks ago, but to extend the circle of listeners we got the permission to make it part of our podcast series.

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You can listen to parts of the album on SoundCloud, as well as to some of his other music. There's also a Facebook page, if you're down with that.

And lastly, here are some place where you can buy the album: Rush Hour, Decks, Juno, or HHV (a digital release is expected to follow!)

Published on June 05, 2012

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