Volume 12 - mixed by Jay Scarlett

It's a bit of a flowery phrase, but I guess Munich-based Jay Scarlett tastemaker really shouldn't need an introduction. Together with Cinnaman, he has released the seminal Beat Dimensions compilations and is regarded by many as the ambassador for beat music. Under the name of Ampsoul Generation, he presents new artists on a blog and radio-show, and for a short time he has been operating the Ubeat label.

We asked Jay to play some of his favourite tracks of the moment and asked him a handful of questions on the scene and the state of Beat Dimensions.


Can you describe what the scene was like at the time you released the first Beat Dimensions? What was your motivation to do so?
The motivation behind the project was simply try to tap into a demographic of producers that weren't getting their music out to the world because of various reason mainly the confidence level or the path to release it.

Were you surprised how this kind of music took off on a worldwide scale? what has changed?
Surprise yes in terms of how well it was received & how many people were actually looking for a new change in the scene i think these were some of the reason it did quite well on reception.

These days every blog releases its own beat compilation, but unfortunately they often mistake quantity with quality, there seems to be no curation at all. What are your opinions on that?
I agree with the quantity over quality but like most things you find a path to work and the quality purposely gets better with the understanding of whats expected.

That said, are there any plans for another Beat Dimensions and what will be the challenge?
Beat Dimensions has been laid to rest for the present. Partially because the individual ethos might have changed & the necessity to want to continue might be placed somewhere else.

Can you name some releases you enjoyed most this year or look forward to?
Plenty of artists consistently coming thru and i think to name a few is always something thats hard to do with so many new producers just to touch on some. I personally like Bobby Tank, Danny Scrilla, Moresounds, Deft, Manni Dee, Kindness, EAN, DZA, Boyfriend, Darkhouse Fam, Hazeem, Mieux, Pitchben, Skyence, KRTS, Midnight Davis, OL, Pixelord, Clams Casino, heRobust, Ambassadeurs, Lost Twin, Ta-ku, Tensei… could go on.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Tensei - 100 Ton Press
02. Swindle - Do The Jazz
03. Eprom - Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
04. Eloq - Fruitsy Collins
05. Débruit - Ata
06. Barrington Levy - Vibes Is Right (Om Unit Edit)
07. Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Danny Scrilla Refix)
08. Dibia$e - Some Act Right
09. Midnight Davis - Haze
10. Dza - Finger Snaps (Shigeto Remix)
11. Eloq - Last Night A Random Girl
12. Herma Puma - Pokerface (Lopez Remix)
13. Houseshoes feat. Jimetta Rose - Castles
14. Hazeem - Cosmic Healer
15. Tensei - Passport
16. Kindness - House
17. Ghostface Killah - Mighty Deadly (4di Remix)
18. Om Unit X Daedelus - Vous Etes Stereo
19. SirOj - Natalie Portman
20. Illum Sphere - An Old Escape (Kill Them Kill) (Dabyre Remix)
21. Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out
22. Oh No & Doom - 3 Dollars
23. Just-Ice - Cold Getting Dumb
24. Leo Sunship - Give Me The Sunshine (mini - tro
25. Vessel - Standard
26. Throwing Snow & Py - Wallow (Lapalux Remix)
27. Herma Puma - Jollys (Ariya vs The Ones Edit)
28. The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Power Of Love (Om Unit Edit)

We hope you enjoy this little mix by Jay Scarlett. To stay connected on his activities, find him on Twitter, SoundCloud and Mixcloud.

Published on May 28, 2012

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