Volume 06 – mixed by Dza

Moscow based DJ, beatmaker and producer Dza was one of the big discoveries for me at this year's Red Bull Music Academy in London. We soon connected and agreed to do a feature of some kind, but first he had to complete a beat tape for Error Broadcast, record a mix for RBMA Radio and ready his forthcoming EP on Jus Like Music. Today I'm not unveiling this all new podcast episode, but also an interview with the man, in which he speaks about growing up in Russia, his influences and his upcoming releases.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. Caffeteria (Vaiper & Serumas) - Medicamende Pt. 2
02. Fat Complex - Earth Hop
03. Kunteynir - Ольга Марковна
04. SPH9000 feat. MC Detectiv - Filippino e la Droga
05. Cops on Fire - Кто убил копа? (prod. by Dza)
06. Dak - Hunch
07. Dunian - Where is the problem
08. Lapti - Привидение с мотором
09. Dr. Robutnik - Motorboat soul
10. Lapti - Double Trigger
11. AEED - Error Code (Ichiro_ remix, reworked by Dza)
12. Tuxedo Kamen - Spacegoggles
13. Tuxedo Kamen - Entertainment system
14. AD Bourke - Flight Deck
15. Ariel Pink - Haunted graffiti
16. Matthewdavid - Wondering visiting ballad wondering
17. Delarosa and Asora - Suki Swims
18. Hymie's Basement - Moonhead
19. Линда - Танец под водой

You can find Dza on SoundCloud, MySpace and Twitter. If you're fluent in Russian, please check out the how2make website!

Published on July 02, 2010

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