Yellowtail - Everything is Alright

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

Here comes a first taster from Yellowtail‘s debut album Grand & Putnam. Born in Japan and living in NYC, Yellowtail collaborates with fellow Japanese producers from all around the world. The singer Monday Michiru needs no introduction, with over a dozen albums recorded and collaborators including DJ Krush, Masters at Work or IG Culture. On the flipside London-based producers Kay Suzuki and Daisuke Tanabe deliver strong remixes, making it hard to pick a favourite! A third remix comes from Boston's U-Key.A1. Everything is Alright (Original Version)
A2. Everything is Alright (U-Key Remix)
B1. Everything is Alright (Kay Suzuki's Bipolar Remix)
B2. Everything is Alright (Daisuke Tanabe AM Remix)

The record should be available later this month from Bagpak Music, with other shops to follow.

Published on February 10, 2009

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