Weekly Bits 25/2009

As an appetizer to Flying Lotus‘ performance at Brainfeeder Barcelona, L.A. Record posted this mixtape. A video from the actual night has also been spotted, witness the crowd go crazy to the finest beats from Los Angeles.

In the latest XLR8R Podcast, Dudley Perkins walks us through a selection of love songs. Unconditional Love features music from Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Eddie Kendricks and everyone else who is concerned with matters of the heart.

London's Bopstar returns with another podcast, this time presenting his favourite tunes of the year so far. Everybody with a soft spot for soulful dance music should get this one.

Carl Craig's Planet E has finally announced the Tribe album “Rebirth” to be released on Community Projects soon. While there are no further details, this should be enough to make you wet your pants.

Crate diggers need to check out this serious looking portable turntable called Linos. Finally something that really fits into a pocket.

At last, I want to mention this trailer to the upcoming documentary on French pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey.

Published on June 21, 2009

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