Weekly Bits 21/2009

Either I was sleeping or there's simply not much I can write about this week. I'm afraid the former is true, but hopefully there are some interesting bits in for you.

Dimlite just released a new 7-inch on Dublin's All City Records. It is part of the label's beat series, which will result in a CD compilation later this year. Shook Magazine offers one of the tracks from Dimlite as download.

From Seiji comes another mixtape, this time entirely focused on UK funky. He also posted two new tracks for download, a remix for Waxolutionists and an original. If there was a proper RSS feed on his site, I'd be writing about this much earlier!

The guys from MOOVMNT have posted two nice remixes from Californian producer Take. There's a track taken from the upcoming LA EP 3×3 from Flying Lotus and another for Mary Anne Hobbs' upcoming compilation on Planet Mu.

Published on May 25, 2009

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