Weekly Bits 14/2009

Sometimes, I'm not quite sure what to choose for my weekly bits. I always hope that I have interesting stuff to share with you. But selection bears limitation and I don't limit what I select. Perhaps, you are more interested in the leaked tracks from the upcoming Nosaj Thing album or you do care more about wicked mixtapes like Peter Kruder‘s set for Beats in Space? Is your seek for the Gilles Peterson's Q-Tip Special so desperate again? And have you heard the latest Super Value re-edit already? What about the new episode of Low End Theory Podcast? Did I miss anything on Dorian Concept again? Man, that new Spike Jonze flick is something I wanna see!

I'm sure there is a lot I have missed and I hope there's something in it for you. There's too much stuff happening out there, but if you want to share the latest buzz with me, you are more than welcome!

Published on April 05, 2009

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