Voices on Cosmogramma

Cosmogramma, the latest album from Flying Lotus is officially out for a week now. While I had the chance to listen to it for some weeks already, I still don't feel up to the task of delivering a worthy review.

Joe Colly, Pitchfork: 8.8/10
“Indeed, Cosmogramma is an intricate, challenging record that fuses his loves- jazz, hip-hop, videogame sounds, IDM- into something unique. It's an album in the truest sense.”

“…it feels almost like an avant-garde jazz piece, and so it takes more than a few listens to sink in — one or two spins and you're still at the tip of the iceberg.”

“FlyLo is working at the height of his creative powers right now, and the scary thing is it's reasonable to think he could get better.”


William Rauscher, Resident Advisor: 4.5/5
“On Cosmogramma Ellison lets dubstep, free jazz, hip-hop, IDM and digital glitch unfold in markedly topographical undulation, as if you're getting a fly-by tour of different regions in a musical cosmos. Needless to say its sheer amount of diversity makes Cosmogramma a much more challenging affair than its predecessor. ”

“Cosmogramma would sound like to someone that has never heard Flying Lotus before. The old Flying Lotus hasn't disappeared, he's just had his wig split open by the spirits, letting in a broader choir of voices. ”


Keith Pettinger, Shook Mag
“There’s definite evolution in his work but not in the direction or shape of the music that had 1983 and Los Angeles hailed as masterpieces, only in the way it’s been constructed; the complexity of the hi-hat patterns, the effects on the snares, the ¾ time changes or the fine tuning of the digital instruments. Best of all – stretched out and flipped up and down as it may be – for the most part it’s defiantly hip-hop.”


Laurent Fintoni, FACT Magazine: 4.5/5
“Of course the hype is what it is, and the music should, and does, speak for itself. However, after nearly a month with the album I’ve found it incredibly hard to disassociate the music from the hype, as everyone from the most obscure bloggers to British broadsheets like the Sunday Times claims Cosmogramma to be, in some cases literally, next level.”

“Condensing influences as well as advances in technology and production in the space of 45 or so minutes, Cosmogramma is a lot to take in whether or not you’re already a fan. It is an album that rewards repeated listens and which holds moments of real beauty.”


Hamish Duncan, One Thirty BPM: 92%
“After a new chapter of his life has been opened, with the death of his mother and all of his new found fame andfortune, so has a new chapter of his musical career. Cosmogramma isn’t something to put on and dance the night away to, it’s a more personal, more introspective, mature record.”

“Ellison has the guts to take a genre that was already his and claim it even more, twisting it on its head and creating something new. This album is a hazy, dreamy, well oiled machine; perfectly crafted and, I suspect, will be a gateway album to many more of its kind for more than a few people.”

For some more reviews, check out the Guardian, NME, Times Online, Prefix Mag or the BBC.

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Published on May 10, 2010

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