Vlek Guided Tour

Here's a compilation you can't buy or steal, but since we've been short on Vlek releases we'd like to take this opportunity and make up for that. Fifteen tracks from names you should have heard before: Cupp Cave, Wanda Group aka Dem Hunger, Ssaliva, Herrmutt Lobby and others.

You can stream this in full below, just hit play and sit back!

01. Cupp Cave - Thoughtograph
02. Sagat - ESC
03. Ssaliva - Hobo4030
04. Dem Hunger - Squint Fucker
05. Squeaky Lobster - Flying Rupees
06. Richard Colvaen - Polimetria
07. Cupp Cave - Hypersport
08. Sagat - Few Mysteries Solved in a Year of Contact
09. Cupp Cave - Mind Bones
10. Squeaky Lobster - Killing Eleven (Tailor Made for Dublab)
11. Herrmutt Lobby - Cosmonautes Funk for 2 Joysticks (Live Take)
12. Squeaky Lobster - Aarnivalkea
13. Ssaliva - SPA82 3.06 2161 plays
14. Cupp Cave - Pear Pressure (DICE POOL EP outtake)

While you can't buy this, there is an option of getting the entire Vlek back-catalogue: 41 tracks for unbeatable €14.99, available on their Bandcamp page.

Published on July 18, 2012

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