Tokimonsta - Midnight Menu

Tokimonsta - Midnight Menu

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I was aware of several future projects by Brainfeeder associated producer and RBMA 2010 alumni Tokimonsta. Following her Cosmic Intoxication EP, out next will be an EP with London's Blue Daisy on Team Acre. She also collaborates with Suzie Analogue as Analogue Monsta and completed remixes for Devonwho and Kid Kanevil.

What I didn't know until today is that she has completed her debut album Midnight Menu and it's available now from stores worldwide!

Here are two tracks you are probably familiar with. The first one is “Lucid Waking”, the second is called “Cheese Smoothie.”

And here's a look at the full tracklist:01. Gamble
02. Sweet Day
03. Sa Mo Jung
04. Deathbydisco
05. Look-a-like
06. Cheese Smoothie
07. Lucid Waking
08. Solitary Joy feat. Shuanise
09. Simple Reminder
10. Questing
11. Madness
12. Bready Soul
13. Lovely Soul
14. Solitary Joy feat. Shaunise (RLP & Sauce81 remix)
Midnight Menu was released on the Japanese Art Union/Listen Up label, you can buy it digitally worldwide on iTunes or get yourself a copy on CD from Rush Hour, Piccadilly or WeNod.

Published on July 28, 2010

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