Thylord on the upcoming Kaidi album

Matt Lord aka Thylord from Bugz in the Attic posted a message on the new Kaidi Tatham album.

Kaidi Tatham, photo by Jan T. Sott

hey hey!
just taking a short break from mixing the album and thought i'd write something!… Everything is nearly finished and we have to deliver on Sunday, tomorrow is final overdubs day at my studio and pretty much everything is done. I can honestly say that its some of the most beautiful music he's made so far, We've been working together for 8-9 years and man he just keeps getting better and better and better.. My friend is blessed with extraordinary natural talent and lives and breathes music but also practices 4-5 hours a day and works extremely hard at what he does.. The album has been ages in the making cos it was so difficult to narrow down what style to go for - Kaidi has like 5-600 killer tracks on his computer, he makes a song a day at least, usually more… The album is very different to Agent K, mainly cos it features a lot less live instrumentation and guest spots - this one is truly a sound that is all Kaidi, no-one else guesting or programming, everything done by the man himself, a lot of it recorded straight into his mac microphone (flute parts featuring cars going past in the background, vocals with phone ringing in there etc!! madness! Initially he spent ages putting together different tracks from the last couple of years for it but in the end has ended up making 10-12 brand new tracks specially for the project. “He Laughs She Cries”, “Do What U Gotta Do”, “Could I Ever Know”, “So Amazed”…. I'd just like to urge everyone reading this to go out and buy a copy when it comes out cos theres so much more in the pipeline ready to come out and some really really exciting stuff almost ready for the next one.. The last year or so has really been hard cos of all sorts of %!%# but I think this album is something really really special and feel like its going to bring a lot of good things for him all fully deserved!!
ok I'll stop rambling and get back to work…really really hope u enjoy the finished LP.
peace Matt Lord.

Other news is the tracklist to the album, which is set to be released in November:01. In search of hope I
02. Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid)
03. Do what you gotta do.
04. Could I ever?
05. He laughs she cries
06. Lose
07. Interlude
08. Si Mi Ya
09. On a Vibe
10. These things will pass
11. In search of hope II
Apparantly the track These things will pass was previously available on Jazz Refreshed Vol. 1, released earlier this summer through Uprock Recordings.

Published on October 05, 2008

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