The Cover Art of Reinforced Records

For the 20th anniversary of Reinforced Records, Marc Mac of 4hero has compiled all of the label's artwork and put it out in a self-published book. I have to say, I'm not all crazy about it design-wise, but it's a nice document for those who grew up with the music.

Over 200 releases and more than 20 years of forward thinking electronic music; Reinforced Records present their history in the form of a collectors guide cover art book. 120 pages of full color artwork from the early cut and past techniques through to hand drawn and computer generated artworks.

Though the first record I ever bought was from the label, I wasn't aware it was Goldie who designed their logo. Just one of those small facts I like about the book.

You can get yourself a copy of this book over at Blurb. It's available in a hardcover edition with image wrap or as standard softcover.

Published on January 04, 2011

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