The Blessings - Galaxy High

The Blessings - Galaxy High

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While I'm always thankful to receive upfront releases, I prefer to write about them near the release-date. This way you can walk in a shop and actually get yourself a copy. Sometimes it's me forgetting about them, no matter how good a release is. That's exactly what happened in the case of Glasgow's The Blessings.

But enough of the excuses, let's talk about the music. The Blessings are Dominic Flannigan and Martyn Flynn, founding members of the LuckyMe label and collective, alongside Hudson Mohawke and Mike Slott. That said, you can picture the direction the sound is going.

A1. Ariseee Henson
A2. Faberge
A3. Moranis Riding Ants
B1. Keith Sweats
B2. Ibaseta
B3. Hot Song

The EP was released two weeks ago on Kindred Spirits sublabel Nod Navigators, you can buy it directly from the label or mailorders such as Juno or Boomkat.

If you really need more time to consider, head over to their SoundCloud profile where you can listen to four of the tracks in full length. Only today, they have uploaded their first of the many remixes to come.

Published on September 20, 2010

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