Sinoia Caves - Beyond The Black Rainbow

When I first saw the haunting trailer for Beyond The Black Rainbow, I was blown away by the visual language of the Panos Cosmatos-directed dystopian sci-fi movie. It took at least 9 months until I could get my hands on the full movie, but my expectations where soon disappointed by the movie's weak narrative. What did leave an lasting impression, aside from the 2001: a space odyssey-inspired visuals, is the soundtrack to the movie. Back in 2011, I came across an interview with composer Jeremy Schmidt of Canadian stoner rock band Black Mountain, in which he expressed his hope for a physical release of his music. It took another three years for this wish to fulfill and I couldn't think of a better label to release the music than soundtrack specialists Death Waltz (it's out on Jagjaguwar in the US.) Together with Mica Levi's music for Under The Skin, this makes for one of my favourite soundtracks to come out in a while.

A limited vinyl pressing and the digital release are available as of now, I've spotted both on Bleep and the stream on Spotify.

Published on September 11, 2014

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