Simply Ourselves: Zed Bias Works

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Now this is a bit obscure and I'm not only talking about the cover. This collection of Zed Bias produced tracks showed up on Juno this week. It was compiled and mixed by Masato Komatsu aka Slowly (producer of Quasimode) and released through Style Drive. I could not make out any direct connection to Zed Bias or his label, but it turns out to be a nice collection of tracks. Actually I didn't know some of the artists on this CD or that Zed is producing them.01. Michelle Amador - Here It Is
02. Vaceo - Right Here
03. Fyza - On The Low
04. Zed Bias - Complicated (feat. Fyza)
05. Maddslinky - Life Is Just A Momoent (feat. Ray Gaskins)
06. Zed Bias - Givin It Up (feat. Pete Simpson)
07. Holly Backler - How Blue The Skys
08. Maddslinky & Stu MC Gru - Drunken Jazz
09. Michelle Amador - Who You Are
10. Oezlem - New Era
11. Vaceo - Room For All
12. Fyza - Tonight
13. Amorio - Play It Cool
14. Nicky Prince - No You & Me

Not sure if it's worth an import, but I wanted to share this so you can make yourself an opinion. If somebody can explain the Manchester-Nippon connection, feel free to comment!

Published on October 19, 2008

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