Shokazulu - Dis Yah One I Love

Shokazulu - Dis Yah One I Love

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I remember the announcement, but I didn't think this would drop so soon. But yes, 2000black is releasing vinyl again and it's the first since 2006's Good Good Vol. 3 sampler.

Their 27th release is a new record by Shokazulu. I don't want spoil the fun, but I think it's pretty obvious that it's Kaidi “Shocks” Tatham hiding behind this moniker. Good to have him back for sure, as it has been a while since he last put some solo material (though there were collaborations with Mr. Scruff and Eric Lau.)

A. Dis Yah One I Love
B. Part 4

You can get yourself a copy from Juno, Rush Hour or wherever you usually find your favourite records.

June 13, 2011 A digital release is available exclusively from the 2000black website

Published on June 02, 2011

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