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Scuba - DJ-Kicks

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They say the age of the mixed CD has come to an end, and in the new age of the internet it's easy to believe. There's hardly a music publication without its own podcast and live-recordings from clubs around the world are only a click away. But I believe in the rule of exception and !K7's DJ-KiCKS series is not only one of the first mix CD series, for me anyway, but also an exceptional one (again exceptions apply everywhere!)

Today, they've announced their latest addition from no other but Hotflush founder Paul Rose, better known for his music output under the names of Scuba and SCB. From his reputation as a DJ and his taste in selecting artists for his label, I have reason to believe he will continue the recent winning streak (I'm thinking of Apparat and MCDE) in the series. At least that's what the tracklist suggests.01. Sigha - HF029B2
02. Surgeon - The Power of Doubt
03. DBridge - For Tonight
04. Badawi - Lost Highway (Incyde remix)
05. Peverelist - Sun Dance
06. Until Silence - The Affair
07. Addison Groove - An We Drop
08. Roska - Leapfrog
09. Trevino - Shorty
10. Beaumont - CPX11
11. Function - Two Ninety One
12. Braille - Breakup
13. Quest - Everybody in the Place
14. Sigha - Let Me In
15. George FitzGerald - Shackled
16. Jon Convex - Streetwalk
17. Mr Beatnick - Don't Walk Away From My Love
18. Boddika - Acid Battery
19. Marcel Dettmann - Captivate
20. Arkist - Rendez-Vous (SCB edit)
21. Locked Groove - Drowning
22. Recloose - Tecumseh
23. Sigha - Where I Come To Forget
24. Sex Worker - Rhythm of the Night
25. Scuba - M.A.R.S.
26. Jichael Mackson - Gedons
27. Rivet - Running S
28. Recondite - Backbone
29. Ludovic Vendi - Mental Bright
30. Rivet - Slant
31. Scuba - Adrenalin
32. Sepalcure - Inside

Scuba's DJ-KiCKS will be in stores on October 25, 2011. While this hasn't been confirmed, we expect it to drop in the usual trilogy of CD, LP and a 12-inch with exclusive music.

Published on August 31, 2011

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