Sagat - Satellite

When it comes to Belgian label Vlek, I really got to do my homework. They pretty much embody everything I like about a label, starting with the visual side of their records with their beautifully handcrafted artworks, even their logo, and of course an exciting roster of artists. Well, you can ask my teachers about me when it comes to homework.

Seriously though, the latest EP on the label is nothing but a stunner. It's already their 13th release and the second by Sagat, a Brussels-based DJ and producer. The four tracks on Satellite couldn't be more different: two heavy experimental tracks exercising “in sound design and abstraction”, and two more dancefloor-oriented tracks, a rudimentary 2-step beat (think Burial, but only if you must) and a brute techno stomper.

The record is out since yesterday, you best pick up your copy directly from the label, or by the digital tracks from Boomkat or Bleep.

Published on July 09, 2013

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