Rekordah presents Astro:Dynamics

Rekordah presents Astro:Dynamics

Cover Artwork

For the first compilation on his Astro:Dynamics label, Luke Owen aka Rekordah gathers tracks from contemporaries like Mike Slott, Lukid, Slugabed, Coco Bryce or Subeena.

The 16 tracks, all exclusives, not only capture the diversity of the electronic music, they also provide a guide for artists to look out for in the coming months and years.01. Lukid - Pleurisy
02. Jay Prada - Nina's Strut
03. Tapes - Oberheimer
04. Slow Hand Motëm - Love is the New Evil
05. Clause Four - Daze
06. Mike Slott - Music's Fun
07. Coco Bryce - The Cliche
08. Slugabed - Clunk Clunk
09. Crackazat - Party in the Clouds
10. Bnjmn - It's Not a Joint
11. Rekordah - Candy Flossin'
12. Professor Ojo - Focus
13. Metske - Isotopic
14. Subeena - Rakeeh
15. Lower - Heartbroken
16. The Blessings - Lungebob

Astro:Dynamics will be out on June 14, you can already pre-order your CD from Rush Hour or Boomkat. The digital release is available now from the label's Bandcamp page.

As I kinda fell in love with the artwork, let me also mention it was made by Dual and Raspel of Sirius Berlin.

Published on June 06, 2010

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