Percussion Lab presents: Cambio

We've been using Percussion Lab for a little while now to mirror for our podcast series. The site was founded by Praveen Sharma, better known as one half of Sepalcure or under his solo moniker Braille. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Percussion Lab has released their first compilation titled Percussion Lab presents: Cambio and it's available on a name-your-price basis. Among the artists are some fellow New Yorkers and friends or collaborators, including Lando Kal, Machinedrum, Daedelus, Mux Mool, Ezekiel Honig and Shigeto (as you can hear above!)01. Shigeto - Friends and Lovers
02. Machinedrum - Demvibez
03. XI - Villain
04. Mux Mool - Sympathy
05. Daedelus - RandD
06. Calmer - Spirograph
07. Archie Pelago - Brewer's Reflection
08. Ezekiel Honig - Plastic Rumblings
09. Handshake - Lao
10. RJ Valeo - You're the One
11. Sepalcure - All You've Got To Lose
12. Contakt - Drift
13. Enoe - The Craze
14. Lando Kal - Cube
15. Braille - Rise

Happy Birthday, Percussion Lab, to another ten years!

Published on December 04, 2012

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