Rapping With Paul White (The Room Below Versions)

Eleven months after Paul White released his first rap album, Henry Keen aka The Room Below covered all of its tracks, “replaying everything on drum machines and synths, and writing interludes of his own to give the record a unique flavour…”

01. The Room Below Intro
02. Acid Raindrops
03. Trust feat. Guilty Simpson (The Room Below Version)
04. Run Shit feat. Marv One (The Room Below Version)
05. One Of Life's Pleasures feat. Danny Brown (The Room Below Version)
06. Breathe!
07. Let's Create!
08. Stampeding Elephants feat. Moe Pope (The Room Below Version)
09. Rotten Apples feat. Tranqill (The Room Below Version)
10. My Moog Just Broke!
11. A Weird Day feat. Homeboy Sandman (The Room Below Version)
12. Protoplasm
13. Dirty Slang feat. Guilty Simpson (The Room Below Version)
14. Dirty Slang feat. Guilty Simpson (The Room Below Version)
15. Sci Fi Interlude
16. Fuckin' Around With A Vocoder
17. Wily Walruses feat. Nancy Elizabeth (The Room Below Version)
18. The Room Below Outro

You can stream the entire album in the player above, or you can go on grab the free download. Also, this is a great chance to discover the original and its remixes - in case you missed them before.

Published on July 22, 2012

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