Panoram - Everyone Is A Door

I'm not entirely when and where this first came out. The SoundCloud set has been online for about a year now, while Bandcamp had it on sale since January. However, I only came across this wonderful record through this weeks newsletters. But hey, why would age matter when it comes to music? So, this is what I love about music, the moment you come across an artist you haven't heard about, but the circumstances made you curious about it and let you overcome any prejudice over the unknown. I guess it helped that Scottish Firecracker Records put it's label on the record and the good looking artwork is courtesy of House of Traps.

The music on Panoram‘s debut album surprisingly varied. I say surprised for I usually associate Firecracker with house music. But the use percussion on “Everyone Is A Door” is so subtle (if not missing entirely), that it couldn't be further from being house. Yet, the synths on their own make references to some of Carl Craig's early work, there's a bit of Lone in it, and “Tiny Little Faces” sounds a lot like that Kidsuke album. As I said, it's a mixed bag of all kinds of music, held together by its playfulness. In other words: go check it out!

Vinyl buyers should hurry up, the Firecracker store only has 9 copies left and from what I hear there won't be any represses. However, you can also get copies on CD or digital download. Also available from Rubadub, Bleep and all good record stores.

Published on June 25, 2014

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